Counter Top Sneeze Guard

Countertop Sneeze Guard

Prevent Yourself From Getting Affected By Corona Virus Via Our Sneeze Guards To be able to work safely during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, each one of us has to follow and support the hygienic norms for stopping the spread of Covid virus. One of the preventive measures is the Countertop sneeze guard. It is designed in such a way that helps making face-to-face communication safe with the customers. The cut-out at the bottom edge is designed to allow the easy and quick exchange of cash and receipts.

Our countertop sneeze shield for self-protection

Our Counter top sneeze shield will work to reduce the risk of transmission of any kind of virus and germs from one person to the other. We design them to be more suitable for the banks, gas stations, pharmacies, shopping centers, billing counters and any other places where it is necessary for exchanging the money. It can act as a barrier for all the frontline workers who do not have any choice to avoid working in the pandemic.

Notable features for the countertop shield

. Stop spreading and break the chain of the coronavirus by installing the simple protective sneeze guards at all the checkout and billing counters with the following features.

. We offer 8 predefined sizes to choose from based on the needs and the area.

. Our protective shield is made from high-quality cast acrylic material and it will be completely transparent.

. You can cut out the bottom for the quick exchange of cards, money, and products. However, ensure you are following some measures for not making it an entrance for the virus.

. You can have a logo printed at the top or on either side to have enough customizable options.

Let your employees feel safe with these items.

Your employees are going to work even after understanding the risk associated with working. There are lots of reasons behind this. On the other hand, lots of customers may also reach you and you have to serve for their wellness. It is your responsibility to enhance safety and to take right measures to have protection in the space. So, do not put your employees at risk of catching the infections when they are at the office premises. Look for the right corona safety product and employ them in your workspace.

Place an order at Infinity Prints

We are Infinity Prints exclusively working for designing and creating the wellness of the people with such products as countertop shields. Based on your requirements, we can design the right shield to make it suitable for your employees. So, look for the right Covid-19 products and have them from us at Infinity Prints.

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